A new collective has formed to give public face to an often overlooked minority in the film industry; Female Cinematographers.

The ICFC, or the International Collective of Female Cinematographers is a growing collective of professional Cinematographers from around the US and the world. They’ve recently launched their public face at  a site that includes a detailed database of members.

This detailed and growing database is now available on the ICFC website, to alleviate the struggles of those who have, in the past, been limited to more homogenous networks.

The aim of the collective and web presence is to establish that female Directors of Photography are not, in fact, an anomaly. Or, as one board member put it, “Though they are indeed technical wizards, Female DPs are by no means magical or imaginary; our rarity is often overstated, while our under-employment is frequently overlooked.”

Individually ICFC members identify as simply Cinematographers- without gender qualifiers. They’ve found it useful to organize around gender until such time as women cease to be perceived as statistical anomalies or token hires behind the lens.

If you are a professional cinematographer who would like to add your face and talent to the ICFC, if want a community for professional development and support, or if you simply want to occasionally nerd-out over lenses and data sampling; they hope to hear from you.

The collective is allied with several organizations and budding organizations, with similar intents, including the US East Coast organization CXX. If you represent an group that connects a minority population in film and media production, the ICFC hopes to act as your ally.

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