No Film School: How to Be the ‘Cool DP’ on Set

Elle SchneiderPress

At SXSW 2017, cinematographers Elle Schneider, Rita Baghdadi, and Ellie Ann Fenton spoke on a panel titled To Infinity Focus and Beyond: What DPs Bring to Set, moderated by entertainment journalist Valentina Valentini. Here are six pieces of advice that will help you get the respect you deserve on set while maintaining a “chill” work environment. Read more on No … Read More

No Film School: ‘Great Cinematography Comes From Integrity’: Advice From Fierce Female DPs

The ICFCPress

Members of two new female DP collectives offer pro shooting tips straight from the field CinematographersXX and The International Collective of Female Cinematographers (ICFC) formed in part as a response to that oft-repeated mantra: “I’d love to hire a female DP, but I just can’t find any.” As ICFC founder Kristin Fieldhouse recounted, “There was a huge gap that needed … Read More